SET Two: Göz Taraması, Tripod, Özel Koruma Çantası

SET Two: Göz Taraması, Tripod, Özel Koruma Çantası

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337,00£İndirimli Fiyat
Bu SET şunları içerir:

Göz Tarama Ünitesi, Tripod ve Özel Koruma Çantası

Bu SET fiyatı, ürünleri ayrı olarak satın almaya kıyasla 33 £ tasarruf sağlıyor.
  • Details


    Before using your EMDR Equipment read this Instructions carefully and retain for further reference.

    Connect your Eye Scan to your Tripod on the Tripod thread.
    Make sure that your Eye Scan and your Tripod is secured firmly and that your Tripod stands stable

    Switch Power Switch “on”
    your Eye Scan should work immediately

    You can choose one of three Operation Modes with the Operation Switch. (Mode one - running light “left/right, left/right…”, Mode two - running light “left/right, left/right…. with a little stop at each end”, or Mode three - “left/right, left/right… only using the end lights”

    To adjust the speed use the speed control
    You can check the Speed level on Speed Control LED (which changes red/green accordingly to the shifting LED’s on the front of the Eye Scan)

    You can choose colour from Red, Green, Blue or White on Colour dial

    You can adjust the brightness depending to your need on Brightness Control

  • Advice

    This product is for professional use only. This product is designed to be used between therapists trained in EMDR therapy and their clients.


    Please note – if you would like to use this equipment for personal use then please consult your therapist or contact us for advice.


    EMDR Equipment Europe will not take any responsibility for inappropriate use.